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Over the past 50 years, lighting technology has evolved from incandescent to LED lamps, from mercury vapor to pulse start metal halide, and from magnetic to high efficiency electronic ballasts. Lighting controls have developed from simple switching to sensor controlled occupancy/vacancy controls and daylight harvesting devices that work with energy management systems. During this evolution, Shaw Supply has developed strong relationships with many of the country's leading lighting manufacturers and today we bring to you an incredibly diverse and energy efficient lighting package to meet today's demanding requirements.

Our lighting department features:

  • Design/Build - Plans/Specifications project capabilities:
    • Whether you are working a public plan/spec project or working with a design construction team, Shaw Supply can competitively quote your lighting bill of material.
  • Value engineering services:
    • Our team can provide alternative solutions and quick response time to get your project moving quickly, staying within budget and taking advantage of the latest green initiatives in lighting.
  • Project management services to keep your job on schedule and on budget. Our team will:
    • Provide accurate, east to read submittals of material quoted.
    • Schedule and coordinate timely jobsite deliveries.
    • Track deliveries and expedite change orders.
    • Timely resolve problems including defectives and damaged products.
  • Green solutions to maximize your lighting energy dollars:
    • Hardwired and wireless light controls that monitor occupancy and harvest daylight, available in passive infrared and ultrasonic technology.
    • New generation LED light fixtures that double or triple conventional light fixture life and eliminate traditional maintenance.
    • A huge variety of light bulbs and ballasts that meet green standards and save money over the life of the product.
    • Sales staff familiar with the local utility rebate programs.
  • Exclusive partnership with Osram Sylvania, offering our customers the best lamp and ballast products in the industry.
Featured Products
  • Bridgeport Mighty-Seal Push-EMT

    Push-on EMT connector with a raintight seal. This connector is removable and reusable and is offered in insulated or non-insulated versions.
  • Bridgeport Combination Couplings

    Coupling used to join duplex 14/2 to 10/3 armored or metal clad cable to 3/4" EMT. Set screw type transitional fitting ideal for commercial and institutional facilities. A labor savings, compared to the traditional junction box installation.
  • Burndy Raised Floor Ground Connector

    Raised Floor Pedestal Ground Connector. The SUPER-CLAMP™ GXP1828RF is a versatile, easy to install, range taking ground connector. This grounding clamp accepts a very wide range of pedestals and conductors.
  • Burndy Blank Tongue HYLUG™

    The Blank Tongue line of Copper Code HYLUG™ terminals are designed to provide maximum field flexibility. This innovative design allows the installer to customize the tongue drilling to fit their specific application while maintaining UL Listing and CSA certification.

  • PREMIER EZ90 Termination Tool & Category 5e EZ90 Jack

    The PREMIER EZ90 solution offers you a cost-effective way a terminating Cat 5e jacks. The PREMIER EZ90 jack design keeps the wire fixed in the terminals before termination.

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