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Electrical Products and Services

Our electrical professionals are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations in every way. As a local independent distributor, we are focused on providing our customers the best service in town, service you won't find at the larger, national distributors. By aligning ourselves with AD, a buying group composed of like-minded, independent distributors throughout the nation, we can provide our customers top quality material at a price that is competitive with the nationals.

With over 30,000 square feet of warehouse space, a fleet of delivery vehicles, experienced, knowledgeable sales staff, large inventory of electrical products and tools on site, convenient location on the east side of downtown Kansas City, a welcoming counter room and a full service quotations department, we can handle all your electrical needs.

We offer the following:

  • Design, layout, and value engineering capabilities in every department
  • Experienced, dedicated sales staff
  • Over 8,000 SKU's in stock
  • In-house product specialists in lighting, distribution, tools and fasteners, and low voltage voice/data
  • Same day delivery to the 6 county metro area
  • Custom wire cutting and paralleling
  • Custom packaging and pre-fab services
  • Jobsite gang box management services
  • Convenient full service downtown city counter
  • Online ordering and invoice retrieval
  • Bonded warehouse
  • Contractor friendly return policy

Please contact us or stop by our downtown location and we would be happy to discuss how we can be of service to you.

Featured Products
  • Bridgeport Mighty-Seal Push-EMT

    Push-on EMT connector with a raintight seal. This connector is removable and reusable and is offered in insulated or non-insulated versions.
  • Bridgeport Combination Couplings

    Coupling used to join duplex 14/2 to 10/3 armored or metal clad cable to 3/4" EMT. Set screw type transitional fitting ideal for commercial and institutional facilities. A labor savings, compared to the traditional junction box installation.
  • Burndy Raised Floor Ground Connector

    Raised Floor Pedestal Ground Connector. The SUPER-CLAMP™ GXP1828RF is a versatile, easy to install, range taking ground connector. This grounding clamp accepts a very wide range of pedestals and conductors.
  • Burndy Blank Tongue HYLUG™

    The Blank Tongue line of Copper Code HYLUG™ terminals are designed to provide maximum field flexibility. This innovative design allows the installer to customize the tongue drilling to fit their specific application while maintaining UL Listing and CSA certification.

  • PREMIER EZ90 Termination Tool & Category 5e EZ90 Jack

    The PREMIER EZ90 solution offers you a cost-effective way a terminating Cat 5e jacks. The PREMIER EZ90 jack design keeps the wire fixed in the terminals before termination.

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